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3+3 modular trailer with dropdeck delivery to client
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3+3 modular trailer with dropdeck delivery to client

The hydraulic modular trailer is widely used in special equipment for transport of large articles transportation, bridge and tunnel engineering, power engineering, petrochemical engineering etc.; the equipment adopts the most advanced design concept, light weight, large carrying capacity, wide applicable range, reliable and durable; the modular structure can be any combination of horizontal and vertical unit; the car from 2 to 7 axis; combined deadweight tonnage from 50 tons ~3500 tons;           The biggest advantage of this series of hydraulic combination axes is the possibility of manifold combinations. For large items of goods, can use multiple unit car horizontal and vertical stitching, the user can according to the different weight and length and width of the corresponding three rows and four columns, to meet the transportation requirements and reduce transportation cost, shorten the cycle of transportation, if equipped with a customized turntable and concave module active, can expand into special transport car and concave flat car, long structure and high transport of goods.

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