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8 transformer on ruiqianhe modular trailer in action
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8 transformer on ruiqianhe modular trailer in action
At 10:50 on the morning of June 7, 2017, with "Yangkou Port, a buzz" sound, a 500 ton derrick hoisting eighth main transformer hanging is slowly off the hook, the transformer slowly fall onto the platform of modular trailer, Taizhou highway transportation project all construction personnel tension was finally able to get temporary relief, because this moment, marking the Taizhou project the 8 main transformers in Shandong section of the highway transportation task has been successfully completed, and safety.           The Taizhou project for the construction of Taizhou converter transformer, DC rated voltage is 800 thousand volts, and 1 million volts AC substation building in Taizhou, after the completion of the Taizhou Railway Station station will be the world's first UHV AC and DC fusion depth. The station is Ximeng - Taizhou + 800 thousand volts high voltage DC transmission project, the transmission capacity of the project reached 10 million kilowatts, is the world's first UHV DC transmission project million kilowatt. According to the plan, the project will start operation in August 2017.           Taizhou highway project transformer transportation task started in February 16, 2017, our company highway transportation group all construction personnel together, after nearly a hundred days of unremitting struggle, overcome a lot of difficulties, and finally the successful completion of the task. The project put into operation, and many city will benefit thousands on thousands of families.           The good in people! ruiqianhe exploit book will give you added a thick!




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