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4 axle low bed trailer
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4 axle low bed trailer
Technical specifications, the main technical parameters

Rated (maximum) load mass (kg)            98,000
Dead weight (kg)                          18,000

Maximum total weight (Kg)                 80,000

Full load rating (maximum) speed (km / h)    80

Dimensions (length X width X height) (mm)   16600X3000X1850

Tire size                                9.00R22.5Radial

Rim size                                 22.5x6.75 (10 holes)

Tires no                                   16pcs

Axle type                               16 ton axle (BPW)

King pin size                       90 # (88.9mm) (or requested by user)

Frame type                             flat bed  

Main beam material                     HG60(>620N/mm2,δs>62kg/mm2)      

Braking                             double chamber braking on all the wheel(Wabco)

Landing gear                            Jost A-400

Paint                                    Rack and superstructure are painted in paint drying
oven by washing + Sanding + 2+1 coat Acrylic Paint 110um

Color                                   RAL color codes according to request

Electrical                                Electricity is provided by 7 pin plug from vehicle
There are necessary traffic advisory and stoplights on both sides
There are backlights, brake lights, license plate lamp, trailer reflectors and orange warning lights on the sides

Tool box                                     1pc

English manual                               1 set


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