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goldhofer modular trailer 16+16 couple with girder bridge for transformer
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goldhofer modular trailer 16+16 couple with girder bridge for transformer

The early morning of June 15, 2017 loaded with 400 tons of RQH girder bridge couple with goldhofer 16+16 line modular trailer carry of 1000kV transformer , so far, this project first transformer road transport mission completed successfully.           This transformer site segment transportation tasks: ship unloading loading port wharf in Tianjin, the 1000kV New River county highway transportation to Xingtai city Shijiazhuang substation, the entire 430 km or so. Although only 430 kilometers, but it is difficult 430 kilometers. Because the transformer quality is heavy, headroom, coupled with a number of road construction, part of the road transport is in the night before the rain, the entire transportation can be described as difficult ahead of the road. However, in the process of transportation, leaders at all levels to the company down to the frontline construction team to have a thought, a force to make, solidarity, teeth, efforts to overcome many difficulties, finally safely and successfully arrived at the scene, the successful completion of the transport task.

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