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goldhofer thp/sl gooseneck for sale
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Hydraulic gooseneck trailer is nearly 20 years emerging international transportation models, the domestic use of time only 10 years. Because of its unique structure, this kind of trailer has many advantages, such as strong bearing capacity, high loading efficiency, fast running speed, independent regulation of axle load, etc., and its development is swift and violent. With the use of the form of hydraulic gooseneck type semi-trailer combination is dynamic and full trailer gooseneck), because it has strong bearing capacity of hydraulic trailer and semi-trailer loaded with advantages of high efficiency, fast speed, in less than 300 tons of large cargo transportation has gradually replaced the leading position of the hydraulic full trailer. The utilization ratio of highway bulky transportation vehicle is very high, and the 80 ton to 250 ton bulky transportation vehicle on the expressway adopts the form of semi hanging form of transportation

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