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Heavy object transportation for 80t or more. Can be applied to ordinary electric power construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower and thermal power equipment manufacturing, power plant construction, heavy machinery manufacturing, oil, bridges, loading and unloading, railway construction and other industries in overweight or non removable gauge objects super long and super wide, ultra high, middle and long distance highway overweight transport.       
   Combined hydraulic Trailer Trailer or semi-trailer is mainly composed of a grid plate girder frame, hydraulic suspension, axle, steering rod system, hydraulic system, air brake system, power unit and other components, has the goods platform height adjustable, axle load uniform, small turning radius, the advantages of convenient car. On the upper and lower ramps and ramps, the body can be adjusted to a balance position to ensure the stability of the goods. Hydraulic modular trailer is modular design to adapt to different size and weight of the workpiece, with vertical stitching, horizontal stitching function.         
 Main features of hydraulic axle car The main frame of the
1. frame is welded by WH60 super thick steel plate, and the box structure has high strength and is difficult to deform and can bear more concentrated load.        
  The connection between the
2. unit car and the unit car adopts the advantages of the first foreign universal group connection piece:        
  A. connection strength is high, it is not easy to break;        
  B. splicing is convenient and can greatly improve splicing speed.           3. suspension frame and balance arm for welding structure, high strength,
beautiful appearance.         
4. steering linkage:        
  A. vertical tie rod adopts double row form, which can greatly reduce the movement of the trailer in the course of swing, pull rod force, small force.           The
  B. steering plate adopts a porous form, and the trailer does not need to replace the reversing plate when splicing or adding the axis.        
5. the hydraulic and pneumatic pipelines of the trailer are connected by quick joint. The operating space is convenient and quick for splicing.          
6. hydraulic suspension cylinder by cylinder process production, high strength, and seal all adopt foreign brand-name products.       
7.the use of imported brand name ball valve form, fast manipulation.          
8. all stop valves, seals and valves are imported.       
9. hydraulic suspension circuit adopts double pipe road system to ensure traffic safety.         
10. frame splicing kingpin can be sold hydraulically.        
11.new Nicolas trailers can be imported vehicles stitching.

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