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modular trailer
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modular trailer
towing bar and the vertical and horizontal components connected to unit car parts traction type multi axis vehicle with plate frame module, network of single box girder in structure, small 215/75R17.5 tire hydraulic suspension three point or four point support; the hydraulic all wheel steering or traction control, double pipe full wheel brake, with goods Taiwan low height, axle with uniform, small turning radius, narrow site through the characteristics of good, reversing convenient, and the total height can be adjusted, a self loading and unloading ability, while driving down the ramp and ramp can adjust the body, ensure stable, reliable and safe loading.           The biggest advantage of this series of products: users can according to the different weight and length of the freight yard, width of the corresponding combination, to meet the requirements of freight transportation, while reducing transportation costs, shorten the transportation cycle. Equipped with adjustable gooseneck, rotary or concave module customized, can be combined into various characteristics of transport vehicle can meet the transportation need, super long, super high and large removable transport of large articles.           Technological advantage      

1, modular, gas module specifications are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 axis, the module vehicle can realize the horizontal or vertical connection, can be used as a semi trailer or trailer, you can also add power head (PPU) formation of self-propelled module car truck, all series of module combination vehicles, can be based on a combination of different patterns, the formation of 3 point or 4 point support.         
 2, through hydraulic operation of the chip coupling, making the car simple and fast.         
 3, slope and ramp can adjust the frame level when traveling.      
 4, the frame can realize the whole lift, the whole drop or a single point lifting, to achieve a certain self loading, dumping, heavy load can make the beam fell to the ground, so that the tires unloaded.

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