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Our SPMT module car is used for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge
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Our SPMT module car is used for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge        
  Our SPMT module car is used for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge           The world's most tire cars, 1152 wheels, more than 880 wheels, 272, is currently the world's most tire car, first look at what he usually do......           SPMT modular vehicle is the most powerful load handling equipment in the world. It is widely used in ship, marine engineering, Luqiao tunnel, petrochemical, power engineering, metallurgical engineering, aerospace and other fields. You can use SPMT to complete the transportation task.           How heavy do you feel the bridge is? It's all wheels and 1152 wheels.           Free combination load of more than 50 thousand tons, combined together, carrying more than 50 thousand tons.           It is a load of large cars, a total of 1152 wheel traction engine part 8, the car is operated by an electronic computer, the transmission characteristics, can reflect the focus of each moment moving vehicle and road.           Chinese Name: self-propelled modular transport vehicle, also known as self-propelled hydraulic flatbed.           Mainly used in heavy, large, high and special-shaped structure of transport, and its advantages are flexible use, loading and unloading convenience, loading capacity, in the multi vehicle mechanical assembly or free combination of up to 50 thousand tons. It is widely used in the fields of equipment manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, offshore oil, bridge construction and other fields.           The new technology recommended by the SPMT working group has other advantages. By replacing the parallel interface with serial interfaces, the new technology reduces pin count, reduces power consumption, and supports multiple ports.



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