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Ruiqianhe Goldhofer thp/sl was commissioned to carry a 32-meter-long rotary cooler in Malaysia
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Ruiqianhe Goldhofer thp/sl was commissioned to carry a 32-meter-long rotary cooler in Malaysia.

The cooler has a weight of 190 tons and 4.50 m in diameter. Due to the size and weight, it was not possible to bring this cargo directly by road to factory and it was necessary to find a suitable area where the transhipment from truck to barge had to be performed by using roll on and roll off.

After a successful examination of the track, the vehicle was then defined, a 22-axle trailer type Goldhofer thp/sl with turn table, and transport permits including requested approval of required structural analyzes were organized.

Due to the extreme hot weather in May, when the transport would have to take place, the river was flood, and the transport had to be postponed for 3 weeks until the river come to normal.

The transport with the total dimension of 52 x 4.50 x 5.50 m and 320 tons started in the end of May. A Mercedes 8 x 6 was used as pull truck and another supported the transport as a push truck. Due to the size of this cargo and the route course the transport was also accompanied with two supporting escort cars for a smooth transport.

Next morning the cooler was moved from truck into the barge by roll on and roll off

In Malaysia, the barge arrived side by side the waiting ocean vessel for the oncarriage to factory being its final destination.


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