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SPMT(self propelled modular transporter) hauls ship block
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SPMT(self propelled modular transporter) hauls ship block

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Ruiqianhe SPMT (self propelled modular transporter) safely executed a challenging job of shifting four huge ship block in Keppel, in the china.
Keppel Heavy Industries, a singapore based company specializing in ship building,expecial on off shore engineer, had tied-up with Ruqianhe SPMT for all land transportation job in their china manufacture base. The scope involves haulage and positioning of three evaporators in nantong base, in the east coast of china.
The ship block started from the facility to jetty 5 Kilometers. The size of each ship block was 38 meter in Length, 15 meter in Width and 9 meter in height and its total weight is 860 tons including all steel beams.
SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) had to move-in slowly at turtle speed to carefully maintain the of the cargo.
Another task came unexpectedly in the form of on-going road construction work on the stipulated route; due to which a new road had to be laid down, all the way upto the main entrance of the site. Heavy equipment were pressed into service to develop access path for SPMT. Despite initial hiccups, the first ship block reached its destination within 24 hours.

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