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Super engineering, dozens of tons, dozens of meters high wind turbine blades, is so transported, this scene is very shocking
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Super engineering, dozens of tons, dozens of meters high wind turbine blades, is so transported, this scene is very shocking        
  More and more places to build wind farms, since we cannot do without the construction and transportation equipment, wind power equipment and generally relatively large, especially the wind blade hundreds of dozens of meters in length but also caused great difficulties to the transportation, manpower and time before entering the complex site sometimes spend a large amount of arrival.         
 The wind turbine blade semi-trailer is specially designed for transporting the blades of wind power under complicated roads. It is divided into two parts, the chassis and the upper rotating platform.        
  The use of the time can be fixed to the wind turbine blades on the rotary platform, while the rotary platform itself can rotate 360 degrees, plus the fixed device itself can also rotate, in the face of complex and difficult to directly through the road, can put the blade rotation to an arbitrary fit through the point of view, greatly increasing the vehicle through the performance. The wind is safer and more convenient transportation.
           In order to solve the rotation caused by the vehicle's center of gravity long blade is not stable, the blade installation direction opposite also designed a counterweight box, can according to need to add ballast, and a weight box and a rotary platform distance can also be based on the need to adjust the hydraulic cylinder, as far as possible to avoid the traffic caused by the long blade the center of gravity imbalance leading to rollover risk.           Before the transport of wind power equipment has been a problem in the industry, because the equipment is too large, especially the long length of tens of meters, transportation is very convenient, the accident is occurred, once the problem has become relatively more simple.

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