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telescopic low bed semi trailer
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telescopic low bed semi trailer

Extra long trailer capable of pulling special low plate large tank
Can draw a special low flat tank trailer long telescopic pull low flat semitrailer fan bridge transformer large transport semi-trailer, export special low plate production enterprises three line two line four six low flat shaft low plate pull type special vehicle pull low plate. Telescopic pull low flat, two lines, four axis, three lines, six axis, four lines, eight axis, 150-300 tons large truck can pull 6 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, 21 meters, 27 meters, 35 meters, 45 meters. The pull type low flat semi-trailer has flat type, concave beam type, tyre outer leakage type and pulling type structure, the frame of which is ladder type, and the longitudinal beam section is I-shaped, and has the characteristics of high rigidity and high strength. The whole body is made of high quality steel, the main frame of the freight car is low in the plane, which ensures the stability of the transportation, and is suitable for carrying various construction machinery, large equipment and steel products. The three axle balance type, double balanced or rigid suspension, with mass balance between the front and rear leaf spring, the leaf spring equivalent before and after the change, the front and rear axle force balance the advantages of multi spool type heavy flatbed semitrailer, using 8.25-15 tires, using hydraulic gooseneck structure, highly automatic loading platform lifting cargo table length can be arbitrarily stitching, automatic steering, power system of hydraulic pump station. Technology needs to be introduced. A series of low flat semi-trailer has a flat, concave beam type and tyre leakage type structure, the frame of which is ladder shaped, the beam cross-section is I-shaped, has strong characteristics of height and height. The main function of the balance beam is to balance the bearing capacity between the shafts. The main influence on the vehicle is the balance between the steel plate and the balance beam, and the elasticity of the steel plate (which can cause irregular shell like wear of the tyre).
Leaf spring: broken or reduced steel plate, excessive wear of axle tires
The leaf spring is the main component of the weight of the trailer. The main function is to cushion the load. When the single stack steel plate breaks or the strength decreases, it will cause excessive wear of the axle tire. Therefore, balance beam and steel plate inspection is also the focus of our adjustment.
Traction: traction pin pin around the large deviation Trailer driving will flick
The towing pin is a link mechanism of a tractor and trailer, carrying traction trailer, trailer traction force. Because of the welding deformation in the welding process, the deviation of the left and right sides should be paid attention to during the adjustment process. The deviation around will cause the vehicle tail phenomenon in the process of moving. (General Factory deviation within 5mm, without affecting the vehicle tail) in general, traction pin bias which side will the trailer to which side flick.

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