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The hydraulic axle trailer
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The hydraulic axle trailer
In recent years, with the development of oil industry and electricity sector, offshore oil, gas and electricity group and other units of construction projects have been launched, secure and timely equipment and various steel structure of large transport to the sea and land, has become the urgent needs of the owners, however, often with the site transport way slideway. For the space, time and cost have made high demands. How to safely, stably, rapidly and locally complete the transportation of large equipment becomes a difficult problem for every unit. Therefore, by strengthening security measures, improve transportation skills and continue to refine the transportation plan, safety and stability comparable to slide allows the company to use stitching M-R axis hydraulic car transport equipment, for the owners to save space and time, but also greatly reduces the production cost.         
 Which transportation from port unloading, transport, RO ro ship, ground transportation, site truck operation, some special equipment to transport survey from the site, the route to design, from the selection of models to organize transportation will encounter technical problems, the safety. These facilities are key projects or key equipment for oil field development and construction, and no mistakes are allowed.         
 Transportation difficulties and risks is not only in the organization in the process of transportation, transportation routes, exploration early venues, transportation design, transport vehicles splicing debugging, in preparation of personnel and so on, are all factors that influence the quality of transportation. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of large transportation, the preparatory work must be highly responsible and keep improving.          
Good transportation plan is the first step to ensure safe transportation. The company carrying 4000 tons of deep-water offshore oil engineering scene handling, multiple gauge structure of large pipe laying crane vessel of the RO shipment and maritime transport task, which is 24.5 meters wide and 539 tons of base ring, 1581 tons of heavy derrick and rotating platform 101 meters long. Because the marine construction site is narrow, large complex structure, bring many problems to provide on-site shipment and ro. To this end, the transport company's engineering and technical personnel from the construction program design began to participate in the whole process. In more than a year's time, the staff repeatedly into the construction site measurement check related data, put forward reasonable suggestions, and has carried on the revision and demonstration for large equipment safe and smooth construction and transportation foundation.         
 The integrity of the transport vehicle is another important link to ensure the safety of transportation. According to the specifications and weight of the transport equipment, the staff must be re assembled and debugged every time. In order to ensure the safety performance of vehicles, the workers on the axis of vehicle balance shaft, hydraulic lifting cylinder, all kinds of power and hydraulic pipelines are checked, each pipeline, each valve has undergone rigorous testing and timely replacement, so as to ensure the transport vehicles up to the best working state.      
    To ensure safe transportation, the staff's skills and style are integral to each other. To exercise a strong technology, the style of the team, the company usually focus on job training, carry out pass, to help with training, understand the lifting, can exercise board, will drive the various types of backbone and versatile, but also for the need to transport special equipment, to carry out the simulation of no-load operation test, prevent personnel in practice. Because the observation is not weeks or improper operation caused by accidents.

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