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Transformer transport with the Ruiqianhe modular trailer
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Transformer transport with the Ruiqianhe modular trailer

250t transformer on Ruiqianhe modular trailer units transported in Argentina

250 ton transformer was loaded onto a hydraulic platform trailer combination with 2 vessel cranes. This involved a Ruiqianhe vehicle combination consisting of a 18 axle line modular trailer.
The transport was carefully manoeuvered by remote control between parked cars on both sides of the street up to the entrance of the substation. This particularly narrow entrance to the facility could easily be negotiated due to the excellent manoeuverability of the Ruiqianhe and the 55°steering angle. Once at the transformer box, the load was pulled into its final position with the help of rope winches using rails which were mounted under the transformer wheels.

For the delivery of the Ruiqianhe modular trailer, no additional transportation costs are incurred. The modular traileris simply coupled to each module axles and can be both on rough terrain as well as on public roads and motorways with speeds here reaching up to 80km/h at max.


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