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triple axle skeleton container semi trailer
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triple axle skeleton container semi trailer

Frame type container semi-trailer, that is, semi trailers loaded with container structure, mainly have 40 foot skeleton, 45 foot skeleton and so on, and usually have locks.
[standard name]: skeleton type container transportation semi-trailer
[applicable scope]: common for a variety of container transportation, the cars are mostly equipped with a variety of container or tarpaulin car to lift the top roller cargo transport. Mainly used in ships, ports, airlines, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport systems supporting logistics.
the structure design of this model is divided into flat plate and frame type, the former platform, can also be used for shipments of ordinary goods grew up; the cargo container, to the chassis frame, the twist lock device is fixed as strength member of semi-trailer.
[model advantages]: the use of containers to transfer goods, can be directly in the shipper's warehouse loading, shipped to the consignee's warehouse unloading, change the vehicle during the middle of the ship, do not have to remove the goods from the box. The utility model can be used for quick loading and unloading, and can be conveniently and conveniently changed from one vehicle to another. According to customer requirements, tooling guarantee, stable quality, reliable performance

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