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wind blade rotator
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wind blade rotator

ruiqianhe production of blade rotator is stable and reliable in transportation structure, the overall low gravity, convenient operation etc.. The trailer with 16 meters low flat semitrailer, after the installation of the overall height of 4400mm, in order to reduce the overall height of the center of gravity and improve the stability of the vehicle, provides security for the transport of the blades adapt to different road conditions.          
1) using 6 cylinder diesel engine, 40ml ram pump, for the blade tooling to achieve rotation, lifting, variable pitch provides sufficient power.           2) mountain transport tooling overall 360 degree rotation with 4 hydraulic motor, the blade pitch by 2 hydraulic motors, in ensuring the balance synchronization also strengthened the power.          
3) the oil cylinder is on the reverse side of the blade and is installed below. The lifting force arm is increased to reduce the actual demand pressure of the hydraulic system.          
4) in order to meet the customer transport blade size is different, in front of the installation of two removable counterweight box, can be deployed according to the situation.          
5) the overall structure of the counterweight requirements relative to reduce, reduce the total weight when loaded, in order to protect the safety of the transportation process.          
6) the use of high strength steel plate, not only to ensure the overall safety, but also to control the overall weight, improve the no-load process of economy and convenience.

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