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wind mill on mountain area
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wind mill on mountain area

Plain partition has been completed, the sea battle unceasingly, now the major power group, wind turbine manufacturers have to turn their attention to Guizhou Gao Yuanfeng power development. Although expensive development costs lead to earnings prospects, and there is a potential risk of overcapacity, but
In the harsh climate and complex terrain of the Guizhou plateau wind, power companies, fan manufacturing enterprises to profitability is not easy.           The destinations of these behemoths are Weining County in Bijie province of Guizhou province. In the small county around the average height of 2500 meters above the mountain, a row of fans are quietly erected.       
   Similarly, Hezhang County, 70 kilometers away, is welcoming guests from afar. Here, the first phase of the installed 49 thousand kilowatt leek Ping wind farm has been connected to the grid in April 2011. The construction of the wind farm, which is almost 3000 meters above sea level, commonly known as the roof of Guizhou, is also the first wind power project in Guizhou.           "With the development of the mountain, basically have the Lord."." A local wind power developer said. At present, the Hezhang County under construction, planning wind farm scale has reached 1 million kilowatts.        
  This is only a microcosm of Guizhou's wind power development. In the 90 wind power projects planned and built in Guizhou, Bijie occupies half of the wind power projects.        
  After the development of onshore wind power and offshore wind power, wind power is beginning to rise from Guizhou".       
   "Resources are no good, but also to seize.""     
     Guizhou has always been in bad weather and rough terrain is known, because of this, just before the April 2011 Jiucaiping issue of wind power, Guizhou wind power installed capacity is zero, just a few years ago, wind resources can be developed is also considered the "zero".   
       In the layout of wind energy resources, including Guizhou, Sichuan, Gannan, Shaanxi, Xiangxi, south of the Five Ridges, the area is divided into four types of resources only in the area, the annual average wind speed 2 meters per second, and in wind resources better in northern Inner Mongolia and Gansu one and two kinds of resources in the District, the annual average wind speed in 4 m / s..         
 However, this does not affect the enthusiasm of Guizhou to develop wind power.         
 In 2007, Guizhou Province, the first wind power development planning, that wind resources can be developed 200 thousand kilowatts; in 2011, planning and development capacity of the rapid rise to 4 million 270 thousand kilowatts, in 2020, Guizhou is the goal of 9 million kilowatts." Zhuo Jun said. In the two category of Gansu, as of November 2011, the installed capacity of the grid connected was only 4 million 450 thousand kilowatts.    
      From scratch, or even "catch up" trend, obviously, Guizhou has its own vision - plateau low wind speed wind development.    
      "With the onshore wind resources occupy high-quality finished, offshore wind resources increasingly fierce competition, the next major power group will focus on the low wind speed wind field, it will be the trend of industrial development." Shi Pengfei, deputy director of the China Renewable Energy Society, wind energy Specialized Committee, said.  
        In fact, since 2009, Inner Mongolia province "wind wind power in excess of" news, therefore, Inner Mongolia began to industry consolidation, the total control of development. At the same time, the offshore wind power development competition has become hot, and offshore wind power resources have been completely exhausted. Four wind resource area is not optimistic about the past, became the meat and potatoes.       
   "Even if the resources are not good, we must seize."." A power company official told reporters frankly.      
    At present, the preemptive wind power seems to be the only way for wind power enterprises, especially small and medium-sized wind power enterprises, to survive the winter market. Even if they do not make their own wind farms, they will also be profitable to sell to state-owned power companies." If you want to "borrow the wind", fry the mountain chisel Road     
     "Wind" easy, however, wind power enterprises machine manufacturing enterprises in Guizhou to Fengeng but it is not easy, even if the price fell sharply in the fan today.        
  At present, the price of fan equipment has dropped by more than 30% - it has dropped from 6000-7000 yuan / kW in 4 years to 4000 yuan / kw. The latest research from Peng Boxin Energy Finance (BNEF) argues that the cost of onshore wind power will decline by 12% over the next five years as a result of declining equipment costs and improved production efficiency.      
    Wind turbines account for almost 75% of the cost of wind farm construction and the decline in fan prices. In the eyes of power companies, "Gao Yuanfeng power", which did not have the value of development, seems to have the potential to be developed.       
   "As long as the annual power generation reached 2000 hours, in the 0.61 yuan / degree of online tariff subsidies, wind farm profits must be no problem."." Zhuo Jun confidently said.     
     However, from the current several wind power projects under construction, Zhuo Jun seems too optimistic.        
  After the delivery of the fan from Guangdong, Hebei and Jiangsu and other places to the city of Liupanshui, from Liupanshui to Weining, Hezhang this 60 kilometers high altitude mountain, became the first "stumbling block and Longyuan huaneng".        
  "Carrying more than forty meters of leaves, every turn a bend, for us, are the test."."

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