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world first 1000kv AC transformer transport on road with ruiqianhe girder bridge
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world first 1000kv AC transformer transport on road with ruiqianhe girder bridge

In April 27, 2017, it was an extraordinary day, because on this day, by the specific implementation of TBEA, the world's first 1000kV AC transformer analog transportation was officially completed! This is the embodiment of TBEA level promotion, and it is also the embodiment of the leap of our company's construction technology level. It's worth every one of us to be proud of!           Prior to this, ruiqianhe a series of previous experiments, through on-site meticulous cooperation, difficult construction, the transformer body smoothly transported to the designated location of analog orbit. TBEA installed the transformer accessories, and the site has all the necessary conditions for the analog transportation.           In the whole day of the simulation transport, the relevant leaders of the State Grid Company came to the scene to observe and guide, the experts of China Electric Power Research Institute to inspect, and I am responsible for organizing the construction. In the work units, the construction process smoothly, and we do pay attention to and grasp every detail, grasp the precise size, go all out to ensure that the whole simulation process is safe, stable and smooth transportation.           The successful completion of the simulated construction marks a new step in the transportation of our company.           Looking forward to the road of development in the future, we can continue to overcome new difficulties and achieve new achievements! We are also very grateful to TBEA company for its support and cooperation!


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